natural4The aim: The client was worried about the glare created from the windows and doors facing south. The residence is situated in an open area in the outskirts of Nicosia. No obstructions exist from any nearby buildings so the building is fully exposed to the sun.

The method: Two parts of the whole complex have been chosen for a detailed study. The dining room, the sitting room and the kitchen area. Real models with a scale of 1:10 have been constructed so the real light situation is evaluated by the naked eye. It is important to have the opportunity to perceive an interior space directly as the computer software cannot simulate the way that a human eye can understand the value of the shadows and light. Using a special device called 'Heliodon' and a special diagram the sun was simulated for the most crucial periods and hours of the year when the sun is causing glare. For the study of the shading of the open areas during the whole year, two types of shading have been tested.

The result: The skylight above the dining table in the sitting area had to be enlarged to allow more light from the sky. One type of pergola has been chosen as the best for the shading during the summer and for allowing the sun illuminate the parts of the area where there are no seats.

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